Micro-renewables for Beginners

Learn to go off-grid or make money using simple technology that can be added to your home or business

Explore and gain a deeper understanding of the 6 key technologies you can use today to reduce your energy bills and also make money from harnessing and storing energy. You will gain a deeper understanding on the importance of energy and how best to obtain it, save money in using it, and even share or sell it to others.

In the next 100 years we are going to enter a world where oil is no longer cheap and other fossil fuels are increasingly seen as polluting. The future is going to be SMART grids operated by smart people. Act today and open your mind to a whole new range of possibilities to prepare for tomorrow.

Ever wonder how you can seriously cut down your energy bills? Ever consider how you can harness and store energy for your own private or commercial use, even earn a regular income by selling it to others?

This is the first ever Micro-renewable energy course of its kind. It has been developed over 17 years, tested on many students live before being produced into learning content with a professional course presenter. 

It is an introductory course where you will learn how to calculate outputs like kilowatthour which are used by electric companies to charge you for your energy use!

Discover how YOU can help yourself and others save as well as make FREE MONEY from the abundant availability of the world’s natural energy all around you

Imagine making money for free, whilst at work or while you sleep. Sounds a great idea. That's because it is. Learn about micro-renewable energy, how it works, where to deploy it, how much energy it produces, and you are on your way to making a fortune, either by buying it as an asset (something that makes you money) or by learning how to sell these products in a new exciting career, which our course is going to help you obtain!

Who is this course for? 

• Individuals, students, community leaders, business leaders, housing officers, politicians 

• Anyone interested in micro-renewable energy 

• People looking for a job in the small scale renewable energy or energy sector

This course could even lead you to a lucrative new career in the energy sector

Doing this course could get you a job in the micro-renewable energy as a sales person.

Doing this course could help you buy the appropriate technology to save you money in your home and generate income.

Doing this course could build you a future for you and your family

What you will learn from this course

By the end of this course you will understand how each of the technologies work, how to calculate their outputs, and how to optimise their deployment. Once completed you will be able to:-

• Assess the viability of a particular type of micro-renewable energy
• Calculate the energy output where possible
• Optimise its deployment
• Understand the different forms of energy out there, and how to harness it for either personal or commercial use

Why do this course?

Our courses are written designed by our energy expert, John Clarkson, who has many years in the renewable energy industry, and presented by London based actress and entreprenneur, Tatjana Anders.

We make this course easy to learn by

Saving you time having to study each type of technology separately. Here you get Solar power, heat pumps, micro-wind and hydro power and how store electrical energy using battery technology all in separate lectures.

Providing you with additional support should you have any questions

Keeping the physics to a minimum, by focusing on the easy maths that helps you calculate the amount of energy being output! This makes the course easy for beginners.


In these self-paced lectures you'll get:-

  • Instant access to all five modules
  • Over two hours of video learning content.
  • Self-testing quiz to make sure you understand the material in this course at the end of each module.

Project templates to guide you through the steps in assessing your energy needs to help cut down your energy bills or for energy storage and selling on.

Tutor Support

* Full teacher support by John Clarkson personal by email/phone if you have any question

* Arrange a direct phone chat with John Clarkson for any questions you have (you are entitled to a free 30 minutes phone support discussion by John)

* When you’re ready, you receive a quiz which will tell you how much you have learned from the course. If you score well on the quiz (above 80% correct), you will receive a FOEC certificate.


Suni Thakur

"Fantastic course. I am a trader in the financial markets (stocks and currencies) so I strongly recommend this course for understanding about investing in micro-renewable energy."

Elizabeth Horder

“Quality great and I was able to learn a great deal from the course which is very nicely set out.”

Akshay G Magaji

“The content of the course has provided how to calculate solar energy, and also clear understanding of all the factors which it is dependent on.”

What's included?

8 Videos
5 Quizzes
John Clarkson
John Clarkson
Course Writer / Tutor

Course Writer & YOUR Personal Tutor


"The world is not a ball of cheese, and we are not rats gnawing on it, until it is all gone and we are left with nothing."

"If you want freedom, get yourself off the grid and utilise the sun, wind, water flows and heat from your environment to power your home"

"Never trust a salesmen. Always make sure you know much more about the product he's selling you than he knows"


What I want to do is to help people educate themselves about the future, so they are better placed to make the right kind of investments that guarantee them success, and help the environment and civilization.

I want to see people get smart about what their politicians and corporations are up to, and how they can fight back against corporate and political greed. One way to fight back to is to become energy self-sufficient.

There's an underlying, almost hidden theme in my courses. I want my students to see these courses as a means to become Energy Futurists - people who understand that the future isn't fossil fuel, but it's also not completely renewable energy.


John Clarkson has many years experience in the micro-renewable energy, energy efficiency and battery storage industries. For 10 years he worked as a trainer for a major micro-renewable energy company, delivering courses on a range of subjects to do with micro-renewable energy, sustainable development and energy efficiency in the home.

These courses are being turned in to videos with the help of Tatjana Anders, a professional actress, who works with John, as his course presenter, to save him time to do his data and other consultancy work. John has worked for prestigious companies such as British Gas plc which is part of Centrica and local charities such as Ocean Housing.

Career Path

Professionally qualified trainer delivering energy efficiency and small scale renewables and courses to businesses including:-

  • Enact Energy Renewables Ltd (2000 - 2013)
  • British Gas plc (2014 - 2015)
  • Ocean Housing Ltd (2015 - 2016)
  • Perimetr Data Consultants (2016 - 2017)
  • Consultant for Wattstor (2016-17)


MSc Climate Change & Sustainable Development, De Montfort University

 BA(Hons) History, Open University

CIEH Personal Trainer Certificate


Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Roof Wind Pressure, Wind Power, Heat Pump, Pico- / Micro-Hydro, and Twitter Data Analysis software.


Tatjana  Anders
Tatjana Anders
Course Presenter

Course Presenter

Tatjana Anders is the Course Presenter for the many of the courses produced by Perimetr Films for the Future of Energy College. Tatjana is an actress and entrepreneur and has lots of experience in acting and doing TV advertising. She also is a model who travels all over the world.

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