Finance for Micro-Renewable Energy

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This course is for both buyers and sellers of small-scale renewable energy. However, it can be used by anyone making an investment in any form of financial product! That's because renewable energy and financial investments are actually very similar. They are similar because it is likely, that where incentives exist, renewable energy is essentially a long-term investment. However, knowing which product to buy or how to sell a particular renewable energy product is the real problem. 

If you are a seller you want to be able to provide solid financial advice. Many companies offer no comparative method to their customers, but instead focus on the short-term or project ridiculous projections that are poorly based on simply multiplying what one makes in a year and multiplying it by the lifespan of the technology. 

For the buyer it's a financial minefield, because without at least a beginners knowledge of the product, and the tools to make the assessment, one doesn't know if to trust the salesman. There you are, wanting to do your bit for the environment, but you're stuck in a position of not being able to make an objective assessment. The salesmen offers you things like 'payback' time a poor method to judge any micro-renewable energy system by. 

What you really want is a means to compare this product with say an investment in a bond, stock market shares or some other form of financial vehicle. That's what really matters if your major concern is answering the question: is this renewable energy system worth me buying it? Here we are going to teach you something that will last a lifetime! It's the method used by stock markets to assess the financial viability of investments applied to micro-renewable energy.

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John Clarkson
John Clarkson
Course Writer / Tutor

About the instructor


"The world is not a ball of cheese, and we are not rats gnawing on it, until it is all gone and we are left with nothing."

"If you want freedom, get yourself off the grid and utilise the sun, wind, water flows and heat from your environment to power your home"

"Never trust a salesmen. Always make sure you know much more about the product he's selling you than he knows"


What I want to do is to help people educate themselves about the future, so they are better placed to make the right kind of investments that guarantee them success, and help the environment and civilization.

I want to see people get smart about what their politicians and corporations are up to, and how they can fight back against corporate and political greed. One way to fight back to is to become energy self-sufficient.

There's an underlying, almost hidden theme in my courses. I want my students to see these courses as a means to become Energy Futurists - people who understand that the future isn't fossil fuel, but it's also not completely renewable energy.


John Clarkson has many years experience in the micro-renewable energy, energy efficiency and battery storage industries. For 10 years he worked as a trainer for a major micro-renewable energy company, delivering courses on a range of subjects to do with micro-renewable energy, sustainable development and energy efficiency in the home.

These courses are being turned in to videos with the help of Tatjana Anders, a professional actress, who works with John, as his course presenter, to save him time to do his data and other consultancy work. John has worked for prestigious companies such as British Gas plc which is part of Centrica and local charities such as Ocean Housing.

Career Path

Professionally qualified trainer delivering energy efficiency and small scale renewables and courses to businesses including:-

  • Enact Energy Renewables Ltd (2000 - 2013)
  • British Gas plc (2014 - 2015)
  • Ocean Housing Ltd (2015 - 2016)
  • Perimetr Data Consultants (2016 - 2017)
  • Consultant for Wattstor (2016-17)


MSc Climate Change & Sustainable Development, De Montfort University

 BA(Hons) History, Open University

CIEH Personal Trainer Certificate


Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Roof Wind Pressure, Wind Power, Heat Pump, Pico- / Micro-Hydro, and Twitter Data Analysis software.

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