Future of Energy College

Learn about renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable development & the Future of Energy


The History of Energy

A FREE course on the History of Energy covering the major developments in energy use and technology.


Micro-Renewable Energy

Learn about Solar Power, Heat Pumps, Micro-Wind and Micro-Hydro Turbines and Battery storage. No previous knowledge required! One step towards becoming an expert in a growing sector!


Finance for Micro-Renewable Energy

Learn how to assess any form of investment, particularly when applied to renewable energy. This will help Salesmen sell their products more ethically, and buyers can make their own forecasts using stock market techniques applied to renewable energy.


The Bigger Picture - Part 1

How will future generations power civilization without access to cheap oil? What solutions are available? What if we fail to discover a solution? ONE FREE LECTURE AVAILABLE - TRY NOW!


The Bigger Picture - Part 2

Part 2 of our course: The Bigger Picture: the Probable Future of Energy